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Qingdao Windoor Window&Door Co.,LTD established in 2006 with registered capital RMB 20 Millions, The factroy is located in beautiful coastal city-Jimo, Qingdao. We are one High techincal enterprise engaged in Design/Research/Produce/Export/Service for High-end windows and doors.

Our company have been certificated by ISO9001quality management system, Annual output 400000 squre meters, 6 production lines, own 3 branch manufacturing plants,. Main product covers Aliminum Wood composite door/window, Aluminum-clad wood door/window, Thermal break Aluminum door/window and UPVC profile door/window.The Excellent,Beautiful, Durable Windoor window and door make you feel Fashion, Noble and Elegance everywhere.


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Email: sale001@greenwindoor.com

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