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Energy-saving doors and windows is the objective requirement of energy circumstance

Reviewing the history of doors and windows and glass walls, it isn’t hard to find that they are extended products of aluminum extruding products. And currently, most of the aluminum companies go directly into the doors and windows and glass walls production, after years of competitions, some of them become the main force.
Almost 90% of the buildings in China belong to high energy-consuming building. And nearly 50% of the energy comsumed in a building go to doors and windows. As insiders analysed, lessening energy-comsumption in doors and windonw is the key to lessen comsumption in buildings. Hence, using energy-saving products and upgrading the industry meets the demand of the time, and become an inevitable trend in the market.
In order to push the socialization of aluminum, relieving energy contradiction and environmental pressure, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a Longterm Special Project for Aluminum, which is the first aluminum planning ever since the open and reform policy. by this year, supported by the government’s policy, the usage of energy-saving doors and windows are gradually rising, and new products are merging, leading to a huge economic and social benefit.
As the standards of the architectural aluminum come out and put into practice, aluminum product are getting more and more popular among the market. And uptil now, the market share of the aluminum doors and windows rises rapidly, and already counts for 50% of the doors and window market.


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