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High Quality Aluminum Windows For European Market

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  • Aluminum Windows For European Market
  • Product description: High Quality Aluminum Windows For European Market

Qingdao windoor window & door Co.,Ltd

  High Quality Aluminum Windows For European Market

We are the manufacturer of window and door.Our products are all good quality.We have been in this field for 10 years.Our main products are pvc window and door;aluminum window and door;aluminum cladding window and door.Welcome inquiry from worldwide customer. 

Product Description

High Quality Aluminum Windows For European Market

Windoor Window And Door Manufacture .  Choose Windoor ,Choose Good Life

Hige Quality Aluminum Tilt Turn Window With Double Glass


Product advantage:

  • We could make different shapes of windows and doors according to Your requests.
  • Energy conservation
  • Excellent heat and water insulation 
  • Sound insulation
  • Good air tightness
  • Competitive price and good quality

Payment terms AND load quantity:

payment T/T,L/C and others
delivery time 20~25days according to order quantity

200pcs for window with normal size(1.2mx1.2m)

90pcs for Doors with normal size(1.8mx2.2m)


410pcs for window with normal size(1.2mx1.2m)

200pcs for Doors with normal size(1.8mx2.2m)


520pcs for window with normal size(1.2mx1.2m)

240pcs for Doors with normal size(1.8mx2.2m)

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